Cyclone® V E FPGA

Product Name Status Launch Date Logic Elements (LE) Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Blocks Maximum Embedded Memory Package Options Compare
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Cyclone® V 5CEA2 FPGA Launched 2011 25000 25 1.956 Mb M383, U324, U484, F256, F484
Cyclone® V 5CEA4 FPGA Launched 2011 49000 66 3.383 Gb M383, U324, U484, F256, F484
Cyclone® V 5CEA5 FPGA Launched 2011 77000 150 4.884 Gb M383, U484, F484
Cyclone® V 5CEA7 FPGA Launched 2011 149500 156 7.696 Mb M484, U484, F484, F672, F896
Cyclone® V 5CEA9 FPGA Launched 2011 301000 342 13.917 Mb U484, F484, F672, F896

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