Intel® 5000X Memory Controller


Supplemental Information

Processor Graphics

Package Specifications

  • Max CPU Configuration 2
  • TCASE 105°C
  • Package Size 42.5mm x 42.5mm

Security & Reliability

Compatible Products

Intel® Xeon® Processors

Product Name Status # of Cores Recommended Customer Price TDP Compare
All | None
Intel® Xeon® Processor X5470 Discontinued 4 $1467.00 120 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor X5460 Discontinued 4 $1245.00 120 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor X5450 Discontinued 4 $912.00 120 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5450 Discontinued 4 $969.00 80 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5440 Launched 4 $735.00 80 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor L5430 Discontinued 4 $601.00 50 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5430 Discontinued 4 $491.00 80 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor L5420 Discontinued 4 $413.00 50 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5420 Discontinued 4 $347.00 80 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor L5410 Launched 4 $351.00 50 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5410 Discontinued 4 $284.00 80 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor L5408 Launched 4 N/A 40 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5405 Discontinued 4 $231.00 80 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor X5270 Launched 2 N/A 80 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor X5260 Launched 2 N/A 80 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor L5248 Launched 2 $712.00 55 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor L5240 Launched 2 N/A 40 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5240 Launched 2 $649.00 65 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor L5238 Launched 2 N/A 35 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5220 Launched 2 $317.00 65 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor L5215 Launched 2 N/A 20 W
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5205 Discontinued 2 N/A 65 W

Ordering and Compliance

Ordering and spec information

Intel® 5000X Memory Controller Hub (MCH)

  • Spec Code SL9LV
  • Ordering Code NQ5000X3
  • Step B3
  • RCP $65.00

Intel® 5000X Memory Controller Hub (MCH), Pb-Free SLI

  • Spec Code SL9LW
  • Ordering Code QG5000X3
  • Step B3
  • RCP $65.00

Retired and discontinued

Intel® 5000X Memory Controller Hub (MCH)

  • Spec Code SL9TG
  • Ordering Code NQ5000X
  • Step G1

Intel® 82005MCH Memory Controller Hub (MCH), Pb-Free SLI

  • Spec Code SL9TH
  • Ordering Code QG5000X
  • Step G1

Trade compliance information

  • ECCN4A994
  • US HTS8542310001

PCN/MDDS Information





Supported FSBs

FSB (Front Side Bus) is the interconnect between the processor and the Memory Controller Hub (MCH).

FSB Parity

FSB parity provides error checking on data sent on the FSB (Front Side Bus).


Thermal Design Power (TDP) represents the average power, in watts, the processor dissipates when operating at Base Frequency with all cores active under an Intel-defined, high-complexity workload. Refer to Datasheet for thermal solution requirements.

Recommended Customer Price

Recommended Customer Price (RCP) is pricing guidance only for Intel products. Prices are for direct Intel customers, typically represent 1,000-unit purchase quantities, and are subject to change without notice. Prices may vary for other package types and shipment quantities. If sold in bulk, price represents individual unit. Listing of RCP does not constitute a formal pricing offer from Intel.

Embedded Options Available

Embedded Options Available indicates products that offer extended purchase availability for intelligent systems and embedded solutions. Product certification and use condition applications can be found in the Production Release Qualification (PRQ) report. See your Intel representative for details.

Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type)

Max memory size refers to the maximum memory capacity supported by the processor.

Memory Types

Intel® processors come in four different types: a Single Channel, Dual Channel, Triple Channel, and Flex Mode.

Max # of Memory Channels

The number of memory channels refers to the bandwidth operation for real world application.

Max Memory Bandwidth

Max Memory bandwidth is the maximum rate at which data can be read from or stored into a semiconductor memory by the processor (in GB/s).

Physical Address Extensions

Physical Address Extensions (PAE) is a feature that allows 32-bit processors to access a physical address space larger than 4 gigabytes.

ECC Memory Supported

ECC Memory Supported indicates processor support for Error-Correcting Code memory. ECC memory is a type of system memory that can detect and correct common kinds of internal data corruption. Note that ECC memory support requires both processor and chipset support.

Integrated Graphics

Integrated graphics allow for incredible visual quality, faster graphic performance and flexible display options without the need for a separate graphics card.

Graphics Output

Graphics Output defines the interfaces available to communicate with display devices.

Intel® Clear Video Technology

Intel® Clear Video Technology is a suite of image decode and processing technologies built into the integrated processor graphics that improve video playback, delivering cleaner, sharper images, more natural, accurate, and vivid colors, and a clear and stable video picture.

PCI Express Revision

PCI Express Revision is the version supported by the processor. Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (or PCIe) is a high-speed serial computer expansion bus standard for attaching hardware devices to a computer. The different PCI Express versions support different data rates.

PCI Express Configurations

PCI Express (PCIe) Configurations describe the available PCIe lane configurations that can be used to link the PCH PCIe lanes to PCIe devices.


Case Temperature is the maximum temperature allowed at the processor Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS).

Intel® Fast Memory Access

Intel® Fast Memory Access is an updated Graphics Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) backbone architecture that improves system performance by optimizing the use of available memory bandwidth and reducing the latency of the memory accesses.

Intel® Flex Memory Access

Intel® Flex Memory Access facilitates easier upgrades by allowing different memory sizes to be populated and remain in dual-channel mode.

Intel® Trusted Execution Technology

Intel® Trusted Execution Technology for safer computing is a versatile set of hardware extensions to Intel® processors and chipsets that enhance the digital office platform with security capabilities such as measured launch and protected execution. It enables an environment where applications can run within their own space, protected from all other software on the system.


Pre Active: Orders may be taken, but not scheduled, nor shipped.


Active: This specific part is active.


End of Life: Product End of Life notification has been published.


Quality/Reliability Hold.




Retired Price: This specific part is no longer being manufactured or purchased and no inventory is available.


Retired: This specific part is no longer being manufactured or purchased and no inventory is available.


No Orders after Last Order Entry Date: Used for end of life products. Allows for delivery and returns.


Obsolete: Inventory available. No future supplies will be available.


Obsolete and past last time buy.


Bookings Release (BR) – Product can be booked but not shipped.


Not Implemented: No Orders, Inquiries, Quotes, Deliveries Returns, or Shipments.

Boxed Processor

Intel Authorized Distributors sell Intel processors in clearly marked boxes from Intel. We refer to these processors as boxed processors. They typically carry a three-year warranty.

Tray Processor

Intel ships these processors to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and the OEMs typically pre-install the processor. Intel refers to these processors as tray or OEM processors. Intel doesn't provide direct warranty support. Contact your OEM or reseller for warranty support.

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