Rail Options

Product Name Status Compare
All | None
1U/2U 2 post Brackets AXX2POSTBRCKT
(Hard Mount)
(Hard Mount)
1U/2U Premium Rail AXXPRAIL Discontinued
1U Cable Management Kit AXXAF1CMA Announced
1U Internal Rail Kit for Chassis
(FC2000 Family) FCXX1USPPRT
1U Premium Rail A1UFULLRAIL
(with CMA support)
1U Premium Rail A1USHRTRAIL Launched
1U/2U Premium Rail AXXPRAIL755 Discontinued
1U Slide Rail Kit AXXAF1RAIL Announced
2/4U Premium Rail AXXFULLRAIL
(with CMA support)
2/4U Premium Rail AXXSHRTRAIL Launched
2U Chassis Fixed External Rail Kit FCXXRAILKIT Launched
Advanced Rail Kit AXX3U5UPRAIL
(For Intel® Server Chassis P4000 Family)
Auxiliary Bracket A2UBKTMFBUSSD Discontinued
Basic Rail Kit AXXBASICRAIL Discontinued
Basic Rail Kit AXXBASRAIL13 Discontinued
BBU Bracket Kit AXXSTBBUBRKT Launched
Bracket and Extension Kit AUPLCOPROBR for P4000L Chassis Family Discontinued
Bracket and Extension Kit AUPMCOPROBR for P4000M Chassis Family Discontinued
Cable Management Arm AXXCMA2
(Use with AXXFULLRAIL only)
Cable Management Arm AXXRACKARM2 Discontinued
Cable Management Arm AXXRACKCARM Discontinued
Fixed Mount Brackets AXXBRACKETS Discontinued
Full Length GPGPU support bracket AUPLGPUBR Discontinued
Full Length GPGPU support bracket AUPMGPUBR Discontinued
GPGPU Bracket Kit AXXSTPHIKIT Launched
Pedestal to Rack Conversion Kit APP3RACKIT Discontinued
Pedestal to Rack Conversion Kit ARIGRACK Discontinued
Tool-less Full Extending Rail Kit AXXHERAIL2 Discontinued
Tool-less Rail Kit AXXMFRAIL Discontinued
Tool-less Rail Kit AXXRAIL3U7U Discontinued
Tool-less Sliding Rail Kit AXXHERAIL Discontinued
Universal Rack Mode Cable Management Arm AXXCMA3U7U Discontinued
Value Plus Short Rail AXXVPSRAIL Discontinued
Value Rack Rail AXXVRAIL Discontinued
Enhanced Value RAIL AXXELVRAIL Launched