Produktbezeichnung Status ProcessorIncluded Vergleich
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Tower Passive Heat-sink Kit AXXSTPHMKIT Launched
CPU Carrier Clip AXXSTCPUCAR Launched
Passive Thermal Solution BXSTS300P Launched
Passive Thermal Solution BXSTS300PNRW Launched
Passive/Active Combination Heat-Sink with Removable Fan BXSTS300C Launched
2U Hybrid Heat Sink AXXSTPHMKIT2U Launched
1U Passive Heat Sink AXXSTPHMKIT1U Launched
D2C Liquid Cooling Kit AXXBPLCKIT Discontinued
Liquid Assisted Air Cooling AXXADPRLAAC Kit Discontinued
2U Hot-swap backplane spare CYPHSBP2312 Launched
2U Hot-swap backplane spare CYPHSBP2208 Launched
1U Hot-swap backplane spare CYPHSBP1204 Launched
1U Hot-swap backplane spare CYPHSBP1212 Launched
2U Midplane x16 to x48 Switch NVMe CYPSWITCHMP Launched
2U Heat-Sink CYP2UHSSTD Launched
1U/2U Mezzanine Interposer CYPSASMODINT Launched
1U Heat-Sink CYP1UHSSTD Launched
1U EVAC Heat Sink, CYP1UHSEVAC Launched
Passiver Kühler BXSTS100P Discontinued
Passiv-Aktiv-Kühlerkombination BXSTS100A mit abnehmbarem Lüfter Discontinued
Aktiver Kühler BXSTS100A mit fest angebrachtem Lüfter Discontinued
Tower-Kühler FXXRGTHSINK Discontinued
CEK-Prozessorkühler AFCPROCHS Discontinued
CEK-Prozessor-Platzhalter AFCPROCBLANK Discontinued
Tower-Kühlung FXXRGTHS Discontinued
Kühler AUPSRCBTP Discontinued
Kühler AUPSRCBTA Discontinued
Kühler AUPSRCBTP Discontinued
Für das Intel® P4000 Gehäuse optimierter Kühler AXXCA90X902UHS Discontinued
Passiver Kühler AUPCWPBTP
(92 mm x 100 mm)
Passiver Kühler BXSTS200P Discontinued
Passiv-Aktiv-Kühlerkombination BXSTS200C mit abnehmbarem Lüfter Discontinued
Passiver Kühler AXXAPHS
(80 mm x 100 mm)