Spare Fan Options

Product Name Status Compare
All | None
1U Fan Kit FXXAF1FAN Announced
1U Riser F1UBBPCIEX16 Discontinued
1U Spare Fan Assembly
(3 Fans) FR1UFAN10PW
2U Spare Fan
(2 Fans) FR2UFAN60HSW
4056 Dual Rotor Fan Kit FXX4056DRFAN Discontinued
4056 Fan spare F1UJPFAN Launched
40x56mm Spare Dual Rotor Fan FXX4056DRFAN2 Launched
4-wire Fan Kit FPP4FANKIT4W Discontinued
4-wire Fan Kit FPPTFANKIT4W Discontinued
Air Duct Spare FEPBPSMK
(For S2400EP in R1000S)
Air Duct Spare FFPUPSAD
(For Intel® Server Board S1400FP in P4000S)
Air Duct Spare FSCUPMAD
(For Intel® Server Board S2400SC in P4000M)
Air Duct Spare FSCUPSAD
(For Intel® Server Board S2400SC in P4000S)
Fan Kit FXX1UFAN Discontinued
Fixed Fan Kit FRIG2FIXFANS Discontinued
Fixed Fan Kit FRIGTFIXFANS Discontinued
Fixed Fan Spare Kit FUPMNHFANPCI Launched
Fixed Fan Spare Kit FUPNHFANCPU Launched
Front System Fan FHW4UFAN Discontinued
Hot-Swap Fan Spare Kit FRIG2HSFANS Discontinued
Hot-Swap Redundant Fan Kit FSR2500LXFAN Discontinued
Hot-Swap Redundant Fan Kit FSR2600LXFAN Discontinued
I/O Fan Module MFIOFAN Discontinued
Main Fan Module MFMAINFAN Discontinued
Non-redundant Fan Kit FSR2500BRPFAN Discontinued
Power Supply Fan Module Blank MFPSUFAN Discontinued
Rear System fans FFC4UBKFAN Discontinued
Spare 60mm fan FR2000FAN60HS Discontinued
Spare Fan Board FXXLHPFANBD Discontinued
Spare Fan FR1000FAN10P Discontinued
Spare Fan FR2000FAN10P Launched
Spare Fan Kit FXXBP4028FAN for R1000S Chassis Discontinued
Spare Hot-Swap Fan FBPIPHSFAN Discontinued
Spare Hot-Swap Fan Kit FUPMLHSFAN
(For Intel® Server Chassis P4000M and P4000L)
Spare Non-Hotswap Fan Kit FUPSNHFANE5
(For Intel® Server Chassis P4000S)
Spare Redundant Hot Swap Fans FXXLHPFAN Discontinued
System Fan Kit F2UFIXEDFAN Launched
System Fan Kit FR1000E3FAN Launched
System Fan Kit FR1000FAN Discontinued
System Fan Kit FSR1640FANKIT Discontinued
System Fan Kit FSR1670FAN Discontinued
System Fan Kit FSR1680FAN Discontinued
System Fan Kit FSR1690FAN Discontinued
System Fan Kit FSR2612FAN Discontinued
System Fan Kit FUPSNHFANE3 Launched
System Rotor PCI Fan FSR1695FAN Discontinued
Systems Blower Spare Kit FHJBLOWER Discontinued
Systems Blower Spare Kit FHJTBLOWER Discontinued

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