Extended Warranty for Server Products for Cloud


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  • Description Intel® Server Component Extended Warranty provides an additional 2 years and is available wherever the 3 year standard warranty is available, and must be ordered at the same time or within 30 days of product order.
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Ordering and Compliance

Retired and discontinued

Extended Warranty for Server Products for Cloud, Single

  • MM# 951787
  • Ordering Code SVCEWCLDSY

Trade compliance information

  • US HTS 0099NO-HTS

Compatible Products

Intel® Data Center Blocks for Cloud (Intel® DCB for Cloud)

Product Name Marketing Status Sort Order Compare
All | None
Intel® Server System MCB2312WHY2 Discontinued 64743
Intel® Server System MCB2208WAF4 Discontinued 64744
Intel® Server System MCB2208WAF5 Discontinued 64745
Intel® Server System MCB2224TAF3 Discontinued 64751
Intel® Server System MCB2224THY1 Discontinued 64752
Intel® Server System VRN2208WAF6 Discontinued 64776
Intel® Server System VRN2208WAF8 Discontinued 64777
Intel® Server System VRN2208WHY8 Discontinued 64793
Intel® Server System VRN2224THY2 Discontinued 64798
Intel® Server System VRN2224THY4 Discontinued 64799
Intel® Server System VRN2224THY6 Discontinued 64800

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