Intel® Ethernet Multi-host Controller FM10840


Supplemental Information

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  • Description See PCN 118540 for EOL Timelines (QDMS Direct Access Required).
    Intel Ethernet Multi-host Controller supporting up to 6 100GbE, 9 40GbE, 24 25GbE or 36 10GbE ports plus up to eight PCIe host interfaces

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Networking Specifications

  • Data Rate Per Port 100/25/10/1GbE
  • System Interface Type PCIe Gen3
  • NC Sideband Interface No
  • Jumbo Frames Supported Yes
  • Speed & Slot Width 4x8-lane or 8x4-lane
  • Interfaces Supported SFI, KR, KR4, KX, SGMII, SERDES

Package Specifications

  • Package Size 37.5mm x 37.5mm

Intel® Virtualization Technology for Connectivity

  • On-chip QoS and Traffic Management Yes

Advanced Technologies

Ordering and Compliance

Retired and discontinued

Intel® Ethernet Multi-host Controller FM10840, FCBGA1435, Tray

  • MM# 946069
  • Spec Code SLLFX
  • Ordering Code EZFM10840
  • Stepping B0
  • MDDS Content IDs 708280708370

Trade compliance information

  • ECCN 5A991
  • US HTS 8542390001

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Drivers and Software

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Adapter User Guide for Intel® Ethernet Adapters

Driver for Intel® Ethernet Multi-host Controller FM10000 Series


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