1U Spare Riser

1 slot F1UL16RISER2


  • Product Collection Spare Riser Card Options
  • Status Discontinued
  • Launch Date Q3'14
  • Expected Discontinuance Q3'20
  • EOL Announce Friday, July 19, 2019
  • Last Order Sunday, July 5, 2020
  • Last Receipt Attributes Monday, October 5, 2020
  • Included Items (1) 1U Riser (1 slot) F1UL16RISER2 and (2) mounting screws

Supplemental Information

  • Description Spare 1U riser card with 1x16 PCIe Gen 3 slot for the Intel® Server Board S2600WT family

Compatible Products

Intel® Server System R1000WT Family

Product Name Status Sort Order Compare
All | None
Intel® Server System R1208WT2GS Discontinued 59495
Intel® Server System R1208WT2GSR Discontinued 59498
Intel® Server System R1208WTTGS Discontinued 59500
Intel® Server System R1208WTTGSR Discontinued 59504
Intel® Server System R1304WT2GS Discontinued 59506
Intel® Server System R1304WT2GSR Discontinued 59507
Intel® Server System R1304WTTGS Discontinued 59509
Intel® Server System R1304WTTGSR Discontinued 59511

Intel® Server Chassis R1000WF Family

Product Name Status Chassis Form Factor Sort Order Compare
All | None
Intel® Server Chassis R1304WFXXX Launched 1U, Spread Core Rack 60281

Intel® Server Chassis R1000WT Family

All | None

Intel® Server Board S2600WT Family

All | None

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Expected Discontinuance

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