Chassis Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance Kit FH2000JFMKIT


  • Product Collection Spare Chassis Maintenance Options
  • Status Discontinued
  • Launch Date Q1'12
  • Included Items Chassis Maintenance Kit FH2000JFMKIT (for Intel® Server System H2000JF family) including (2) Node tray of HNS2600JF, (2) Airduct of HNS2600JF, Plastic cover of bridge board, Cable kit and Screw kit

Supplemental Information

  • Description Chassis Maintenance Kit FH2000JFMKIT for Intel® Server System H2000JF family

Ordering and Compliance

Retired and discontinued

Chassis Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance Kit FH2000JFMKIT, Single

  • MM# 919032
  • Ordering Code FH2000JFMKIT

Trade compliance information

  • ECCN EAR99
  • US HTS 8473305100

PCN/MDDS Information

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