Stratix® V GS FPGA Development Kits


Board Specifications

  • Interfaces PCIe, SDI, QSFP, SGMII, SMA, USB, JTAG
  • Expansion HSMC
  • Memory DDR3, QDRII+, RLDRAM II
  • Special Feature LCD
  • Versions Production

Supplemental Information

  • Description Provides a complete design environment that includes all the hardware and software you need to begin developing DSP-intensive FPGA designs immediately.
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Drivers and Software

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Launch Date

The date the product was first introduced.

Logic Elements (LE)

Logic elements (LEs) are the smallest units of logic in Intel® FPGA architecture. LEs are compact and provide advanced features with efficient logic usage.

DSP Blocks

Each FPGA mounted on a programmable acceleration card contains digital signal processor (DSP) blocks within the FPGA architecture. DSPs are used to filter and compress real-world analog signals. The dedicated DSP blocks within the FPGA have been optimized to implement various common DSP functions with maximum performance and minimum logic resource utilization.