Spare Board Options

Produktbezeichnung Status ProcessorIncluded Vergleich
Alle | Keine
4 Port SATA Bridge Board AHWBP12GBGBIT Launched
Switch Board FXXAF1SWBB Announced
1U Power distribution Board MYP1UPDB Launched
Storage Compute Module Docking Board TNPSTDCKBRD Launched
Compute Module Connector Board TNPACCLCNBRD Launched
2U Hot-swap backplane spare CYPHSBP2312 Launched
2U Hot-swap backplane spare CYPHSBP2208 Launched
1U Hot-swap backplane spare CYPHSBP1204 Launched
1U Hot-swap backplane spare CYPHSBP1212 Launched
2U Midplane x16 to x48 Switch NVMe CYPSWITCHMP Launched
Bridge Board Spare FURBRIDGE Discontinued
Bridge Board Spare FALBRIDGE Discontinued
Spare Server Board BFCBASE Discontinued
Network Board FSR1680NICBRD Discontinued
Main Board FSR1680BRDR Discontinued
Spare Board FSR1640BRD Discontinued
Spare Bridge Board FHWLPBGB Discontinued
Spare Bridge Board FHWJFWPBGB Discontinued
Spare 6Gb/s SAS bridge board and riser kit FH20006GBGBR Discontinued
Spare 6Gb/s SAS module RMS25LB Discontinued
6Gb/s SAS Module RMS25LB080 Discontinued
36-port SAS Expander RESCV360JBD Discontinued
Interface Converter Board AXXSAS88CNVRT Discontinued
Spare Power Distribution Board AXXJBDPWRBD Discontinued
Spare 12Gb SAS/SATA 12 x 3.5" Backplane FHW12X35HS12G Launched
Spare Node Power Board FH2000NPB2 Discontinued
Bridge Board Spare FHWKPTPBGB
(for H2000XXKR2 Chassis)
Power Distribution Board Spare FXXCRPSPDB2 Launched
Spare 12Gb SAS Bridge Board AHWKPTP12GBGB Discontinued
Breakout Board AHWKPTPBOB
(for S2600KP and S2600TP Families)
High Current P4000 Family Chassis Power Distribution Board Spare FUPPDBHC2 Launched
12Gb SAS Bridge Board AHWKPTP12GBGBR5
(with RAID 5)
Bridge Board Spare FHWKPTPBGB24
(for H2224XXKR2/H2224XXLR2 Chassis)
Spare Node Power Board FH2000NPB24 Discontinued
4 Port 12G SAS Bridge Board
Intel® SAS Bridge Board AHWBPBGB24 Launched
4 Port 12G SAS Bridge Board
(RAID 0/1/10/5) AHWBP12GBGBR5
4 Port SATA Bridge Board AHWBPBGB Launched
Intel® RAID Bridge Board AHWBPBGB24R Launched
Intel® Passthrough Bridge Board AHWBPBGB24P Launched
Spare 4-Port Node Power Board FHWBPNPB Launched
Spare 6-Port Node Power Board FHWBPNPB24 Launched