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  • By Product Number - i7-5960X
  • By Ordering Code - BX80648I75960X
  • By SPEC Code - SR20Q
  • By Brand Name - core m
  • By Code Name - Broadwell
  • By Frequency - 4.40 GHz
  • By Processor Graphics - Iris
  • By Socket - LGA2011-v3

The above criteria not only applies to searching for processors but also the other products in our catalog including motherboards, chipsets, networking, servers, and chassis.

Spare Power Options

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Product Name Status
Compare North America Power cable FPWRCABLENA Launched
Compare Non-Redundant Power Supply Adapter Bracket FUPNRPSADP Launched
Compare 365W Power Supply FUP365SNRPS Launched
Compare 350W Power Supply FR1000PS350 Launched
Compare Spare 750W Hot-Swap Power Supply FXX750GERPS
(1U Form Factor, Gold-Efficiency)
Compare Spare Power Distribution Board FBP750PDB
(for ERP1U 750W Power Supply FXX750GERPS)
Compare 550W Power Supply FUP550SNRPS
Compare 460W Common Redundant Power Supply FXX460GCRPS
Compare 750W Common Redundant Power Supply FXX750PCRPS
Compare 1600W Common Redundant Power Supply FXX1600PCRPS
Compare Redundant Power Supply Cage FUPCRPSCAGE
(for Intel® Server Chassis P4000 Family)
Compare Spare Power Distribution Board FXXLHPPDB Launched
Compare Low Current P4000 Chassis Family Power Distribution Board FUPPDBLC Launched
Compare High Current P4000 Chassis Family Power Distribution Board FUPPDBHC Launched
Compare Spare Power Distribution Board FXX450WPDB for AC 450W mini-ERP Power Supply Launched
Compare Spare Power Distribution Board FXXCRPSPDB Launched
Compare Spare 1600W DC Enterprise Redundant Power Supply FXX1600DCRPS Launched
Compare 750W CRPS Power Distribution Board F1UJP750WPDB Launched
Compare System Power Supply F1U450WPSU Launched
Compare System Power Distribution Board F1U450WPDB Launched
Compare Battery Backup Unit Bracket Kit AWTAUXBBUBKT Launched
Compare Spare Power in Backplane Bridge Board Module FXXCRPSPIB Announced
Compare Bridge Board Spare FHWAPBGB
(for Intel® Server Chassis H2000G Family)
Compare Spare P4000S Power Distribution Board AP4000E3V5PDB Launched
Compare Spare 450W Power Distribution Board F1U450WPDB2 Launched
Compare 2130W AC Common Redundant Power Supply FXX2130PCRPS
(Platinum Efficiency)