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There are many ways to find the product you are looking for. Here are some examples:

  • By Product Number - i7-5960X
  • By Ordering Code - BX80648I75960X
  • By SPEC Code - SR20Q
  • By Brand Name - core m
  • By Code Name - Broadwell
  • By Frequency - 4.40 GHz
  • By Processor Graphics - Iris
  • By Socket - LGA2011-v3

The above criteria not only applies to searching for processors but also the other products in our catalog including motherboards, chipsets, networking, servers, and chassis.

Spare Board Options

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Product Name Status
Compare 12Gb SAS Bridge Board AHWKPTP12GBGBR5
(with RAID 5)
Compare 36-port SAS Expander RESCV360JBD Launched
Compare 6Gb/s SAS Module RMS25LB080 Launched
Compare Breakout Board AHWKPTPBOB
(for S2600KP and S2600TP Families)
Compare Bridge Board Spare FHWKPTPBGB
(for H2000XXKR2 Chassis)
Compare High Current P4000 Family Chassis Power Distribution Board Spare FUPPDBHC2 Launched
Compare Interface Converter Board AXXSAS88CNVRT Launched
Compare Power Distribution Board Spare FXXCRPSPDB2 Launched
Compare Spare 12Gb SAS Bridge Board AHWKPTP12GBGB Launched
Compare Spare 12Gb SAS/SATA 12 x 3.5" Backplane FHW12X35HS12G Launched
Compare Spare 6Gb/s SAS bridge board and riser kit FH20006GBGBR Launched
Compare Spare 6Gb/s SAS module RMS25LB Launched
Compare Spare Bridge Board FHWJFWPBGB Launched
Compare Spare Bridge Board FHWLPBGB Launched
Compare Spare Node Power Board FH2000NPB2 Launched
Compare Spare Power Distribution Board AXXJBDPWRBD Launched