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  • By Product Number - i7-5960X
  • By Ordering Code - BX80648I75960X
  • By SPEC Code - SR20Q
  • By Brand Name - core m
  • By Code Name - Broadwell
  • By Frequency - 4.40 GHz
  • By Processor Graphics - Iris
  • By Socket - LGA2011-v3

The above criteria not only applies to searching for processors but also the other products in our catalog including motherboards, chipsets, networking, servers, and chassis.

I/O Options

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Product Name Status
Compare Dual Port Intel® 82599EB 10GbE I/O Module AXX10GBNIAIOM Launched
Compare Dual Port Intel® X540-BT2 10GbE I/O Module AXX10GBTWLIOM Launched
Compare Dual RJ-45 port 10GBASE-T IO Module AXX10GBTWLHW Launched
Compare Ethernet I/O Module XL710-QDA1 AXX1P40FRTIOM Announced
Compare Ethernet I/O Module XL710-QDA2 AXX2P40FRTIOM Announced
Compare FDR InfiniBand* ConnectX-3* I/O Module AXX1FDRIBIOM
(Single Port)
Compare FDR InfiniBand* ConnectX-3* I/O Module AXX2FDRIBIOM
(Dual Port)
Compare Intel® QuickAssist Accelerator I/O Module AXXQAAIOMOD Launched
Compare Intel® QuickAssist Accelerator PCIe card AXXQAAPCIE Launched
Compare IO Shield AW2600CR2IOS Launched
Compare IO shield AXX2IOS Launched
Compare IO shield AXX4IOS Launched
Compare Kit of Serial Port DB9 Adapters AXXRJ45DB93 Launched
Compare Quad Port Intel® I350-AE4 GbE I/O Module AXX4P1GBPWLIOM Launched