Server Spares

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Spare 4-Port Node Power Board FHWBPNPB Launched
Spare 6-Port Node Power Board FHWBPNPB24 Launched
4 Port 12G SAS Bridge Board
Intel® Passthrough Bridge Board AHWBPBGB24 Launched
4 Port 12G SAS Bridge Board
(RAID 0/1/10/5) AHWBP12GBGBR5
4 Port SATA Bridge Board AHWBPBGB Launched
Intel® RAID Bridge Board AHWBPBGB24R Launched
Intel® Passthrough Bridge Board AHWBPBGB24P Launched
12Gb SAS Bridge Board AHWKPTP12GBGBR5
(with RAID 5)
Breakout Board AHWKPTPBOB
(for S2600KP and S2600TP Families)
Spare Node Power Board FH2000NPB2 Launched
Bridge Board Spare FHWKPTPBGB
(for H2000XXKR2 Chassis)
Power Distribution Board Spare FXXCRPSPDB2 Launched
Spare 12Gb SAS Bridge Board AHWKPTP12GBGB Launched
High Current P4000 Family Chassis Power Distribution Board Spare FUPPDBHC2 Launched
Spare 12Gb SAS/SATA 12 x 3.5" Backplane FHW12X35HS12G Launched
Bridge Board Spare FHWKPTPBGB24
(for H2224XXKR2/H2224XXLR2 Chassis)
Spare Node Power Board FH2000NPB24 Launched
Spare 6Gb/s SAS bridge board and riser kit FH20006GBGBR Launched
Spare 6Gb/s SAS module RMS25LB Launched
Spare Bridge Board FHWLPBGB Launched
Spare SAS Cable Kit FR130412GCBL Launched
Spare Power Adapter Cable FXXSTPWRAD Launched
Spare Intrusion Switch Cable FXXSTCBLINTR Launched
Electrical Spares Kit FR1304E3V5ESK Launched
Bezel Spare FUPBEZELHSD2 for P4000 Chassis Supporting Hot Swap HDDs Launched
Bezel Spare FUPBEZELFIX2 for P4000 Chassis Supporting Fixed HDD Launched
Electrical Spares Kit FFUPSESK Launched
Chassis Mechnical Maintenance Kit FUPMMSK
(for Intel® Server Chassis P4000M)
Chassis Electrical Maintenance Kit FUPMESK
(for Intel® Server Chassis P4000M)
Chassis Maintenance Kit FSCPBHPMK
(For Intel® Server Board S2400SC in R2000M chassis)
Chassis Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance Kit FH2000LPMKIT Launched
Front Panel Board FXXFPANEL2 Launched
Spare Front Control Panel Kit FH2000FPANEL2 Launched
Spare RoHS Compliant Front Panel FXXFPANELR Launched
1U Spare Fan Assembly
(3 Fans) FR1UFAN10PW
2U Spare Fan
(2 Fans) FR2UFAN60HSW
40x56mm Spare Dual Rotor Fan FXX4056DRFAN2 Launched
4056 Fan spare F1UJPFAN Launched
System Fan Kit FR1000E3FAN Launched
System Fan Kit FUPSNHFANE3 Launched
System Fan Kit F2UFIXEDFAN Launched
Air Duct Spare FEPBPSMK
(For S2400EP in R1000S)
Spare Fan FR2000FAN10P Launched
Fixed Fan Spare Kit FUPNHFANCPU Launched
Fixed Fan Spare Kit FUPMNHFANPCI Launched
Spare Hot-Swap Fan Kit FUPMLHSFAN
(For Intel® Server Chassis P4000M and P4000L)
2.5in Hot-Swap Drive Carrier FXX25HSCAR Launched
Spare 8x3.5 Hot-Swap Drive Cage Kit FUP8X35HSDK Launched
Spare 3.5in Hot-Swap HDD Carriers FXX35HSADPB Launched
Spare 3.5in Fixed HDD Carriers FUP4X35NHDK Launched
Spare 12GB SAS 24 x 2.5’’ Backplane FHW24X25HS12G Announced
2U/4U Spare Hot-swap Backplane FXX8X25S3HSBP Launched
Spare 12Gb SAS/SATA 16 x 2.5" Backplane FHW16X25HS12G Launched
2U Hot-swap Drive Cage Upgrade Kit 8x3.5 A2U8X35S3HSDK Launched
1U Spare Hot-swap Backplane F1U8X25S3HSBP Launched
2U Spare Hot-swap Backplane F2U12X35S3HSBP Launched
2U Spare Hot-swap Backplane F2U8X35S3HSBP Launched
2.5 inch Hot-swap Drive Carrier FXX25HSCAR2 Launched
Spare 3.5" Hot-swap Drive Carrier FXX35HSCAR Launched
3.5in Hot-swap Backplane Spare FUP4X35S3HSBP Launched
8x2.5 inch Dual Port SAS Hot Swap Drive Bay Kit AUP8X25S3DPDK Launched
8x2.5 inch Hot Swap SAS/NVMe COMBO Drive Bay Kit AUP8X25S3NVDK Launched
3.5 inch Tool Less Hot-Swap Drive Carrier FXX35HSCAR2 Launched
2.5 inch Tool Less Hot-Swap Drive Carrier FXX25HSCAR3 Launched
2U 8x2.5inch SAS/NVMe Hot Swap Backplane F2U8X25S3PHS Launched
Spare 12Gb SAS/SATA 24 x 2.5’’ Backplane Kit
(with BIB) FHW24X25HSBP
Spare 1U Hot-swap Backplane FR1304S3HSBP2
(4x3.5in 12G SAS Backplane for Intel® Server Chassis R1000G Family)
Spare 12Gb SAS Bridge Board AHWKPTP12GBGBIT
(SAS without RAID)
2U 12x3.5inch SAS and 2x NVMe Hot Swap Backplane F2U12X35S3PH Launched
1U 8x2.5 inch SAS/NVMe Hot Swap Backplane F1U8X25S3PHS Launched
Spare 1U Standard Rear Heat Sink FXXEA78X108HS
(Ex-Al 78mm x 108mm)
1U 78mm by 108mm Heat Sink F1UCA78X108HS35 Launched
Spare 1U Standard Heat Sink FXXCA78X108HS
(Cu/Al 78mmx108mm)
Spares Non-fabric CPU clips FXXCPUCLIP Launched
Spare Fabric CPU clips FXXCPUCLIPF Launched
Bolster Plate Ensulator Cover for CPU1 AXXBPBPINSCOV Launched
1U Heat Sink FXXEA91X91HS2
(Ex-Al 91 mm x 91 mm)
Passive Narrow Thermal Solution BXSTS200PNRW Launched
1U Heat Sink F1UE3PASSHS Launched
1U Heat Sink FXXCA84X106HS
(Cu/Al 84mmx106mm)
1U Heat Sink FXXEA84X106HS
(Ex-Al 84mmx106mm)
1U Heat Sink FXXCA91X91HS
(Cu/Al 91mmx91mm)
North America Power cable FPWRCABLENA Launched
Non-Redundant Power Supply Adapter Bracket FUPNRPSADP Launched
365W Power Supply FUP365SNRPS Launched
550W Power Supply FUP550SNRPS
460W Common Redundant Power Supply FXX460GCRPS
750W Common Redundant Power Supply FXX750PCRPS
1600W Common Redundant Power Supply FXX1600PCRPS
Redundant Power Supply Cage FUPCRPSCAGE
(for Intel® Server Chassis P4000 Family)
Spare Power Distribution Board FXX450WPDB for AC 450W mini-ERP Power Supply Launched
Spare P4000S Power Distribution Board AP4000E3V5PDB Launched
System Power Supply F1U450WPSU Launched
Bridge Board Spare FHWAPBGB
(for Intel® Server Chassis H2000G Family)
Spare Power in Backplane Bridge Board Module FXXCRPSPIB Launched
Spare 1600W DC Enterprise Redundant Power Supply FXX1600DCRPS Launched
Battery Backup Unit Bracket Kit AWTAUXBBUBKT Launched
2130W AC Common Redundant Power Supply FXX2130PCRPS
(Platinum Efficiency)
Spare 450W Power Distribution Board F1U450WPDB2 Launched
1U PCI Express Riser FHW1U16RISER2
(Slot 1)
2U Riser Spare A2UL16RISER2
(2 Slot)
1U Spare Riser
(1 slot) F1UL16RISER2
2U Riser Spare A2UL8RISER2
(3 Slot)
1U Spare PCIe Riser
1U Spare PCIe Riser
1U Spare PCIe Riser
Riser Board Spare F1US8RISER Launched

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