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There are many ways to find the product you are looking for. Here are some examples:

  • By Product Number - i7-5960X
  • By Ordering Code - BX80648I75960X
  • By SPEC Code - SR20Q
  • By Brand Name - core m
  • By Code Name - Broadwell
  • By Frequency - 4.40 GHz
  • By Processor Graphics - Iris
  • By Socket - LGA2011-v3

The above criteria not only applies to searching for processors but also the other products in our catalog including motherboards, chipsets, networking, servers, and chassis.

Products (Formerly Cave Creek)

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Product Name Status Embedded Options Available TDP Recommended Customer Price # of Ports Data Rate Per Port System Interface Type Jumbo Frames Supported
Compare Intel® QuickAssist Adapter 8920 Launched $515.00 PCIe v3.0 (8.0GT/s)
Compare Intel® Communications Chipset 8920
(Intel® DH8920 PCH)
Launched Yes 12 W $131.00
Compare Intel® Communications Chipset 8900
(Intel® DH8900 PCH)
Launched Yes 8.5 W $38.00
Compare Intel® Communications Chipset 8910
(Intel® DH8910 PCH)
Launched Yes 11 W $102.00
Compare Intel® Communications Chipset 8903
(Intel® DH8903 PCH)
Launched Yes 9.5 W $65.00