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  • By Product Number - i7-4770
  • By Ordering Code - BX80635E52697V2
  • By SPEC Code - SR19H
  • By Brand Name - core i7
  • By Frequency - 3.90 GHz
  • By Cache Size - 8MB
  • By Code Name - Haswell
  • By Processor Graphics - Iris

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Products (Formerly Ibex Peak)

Intel® 5 series chipset supporting mainsteam 45nm and 32nm versions of Intel® microarchitecture codename Nehalem for mobile & desktop segments. Initial production readiness 2H'09.

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Product Name Status Embedded Options Available Max TDP Recommended Customer Price
Select Mobile Intel® QS57 Express Chipset
(Intel® BD82QS57 PCH)
Launched No 3.4 W N/A
Select Mobile Intel® QM57 Express Chipset
(Intel® BD82QM57 PCH)
Launched Yes 3.5 W T&R : $48.00
Select Mobile Intel® PM55 Express Chipset
(Intel® BD82PM55 PCH)
End of Life No 3.5 W N/A
Select Mobile Intel® HM57 Express Chipset
(Intel® BD82HM57 PCH)
Launched No 3.5 W N/A
Select Mobile Intel® HM55 Express Chipset
(Intel® BD82HM55 PCH)
Launched Yes 3.5 W T&R : $40.00
Select Intel® Q57 Express Chipset
(Intel® BD82Q57 PCH)
Launched Yes 5.1 W T&R : $44.00
Select Intel® P55 Express Chipset
(Intel® BD82P55 PCH)
Launched No 4.7 W N/A
Select Intel® H57 Express Chipset
(Intel® BD82H57 PCH)
Launched No 5.2 W N/A
Select Intel® H55 Express Chipset
(Intel® BD82H55 PCH)
Launched No 5.2 W N/A
Select Intel® 3450 Chipset
(Intel® BD3450 PCH)
Launched Yes 5.9 W T&R : $44.00
Select Intel® 3420 Chipset
(Intel® BD3420 PCH)
Launched Yes T&R : $31.00
Select Intel® 3400 Chipset
(Intel® BD3400 PCH)
Launched No N/A